Fresh food cleaning machine vegetable type

The basic principle

The fresh food cleaning machine is applying for shaking aeration cleaning method, first to separate the impurities which are mixed in materials from materials initially, furthermore to utilize the hair removal and floater removal device for removing the impurities, hair, and incents those are floating on the water. The filtration transfer device can separate the impurities from the materials completely, for achieving the purpose that foreign matters can be removed from fresh food.

Shaking aeration process

For using the circulation pump to supply the circulating water for water channel and the water will be flowing from cleaning trough, then by utilizing the Konnda effect to push the pump at working in 10-20 times for water circulating in this cleaning trough, Materials will move on forward by water flowing, at the same time, aeration facilities can do the work to lash materials from the bottom to top, under this effect of air lash and self-weight, materials will constant shaking up and down in cleaning trough, and impurities of adhered material surface can be completely separated from materials by this multi-effect process, there is no damage to food itself of fiber texture, thus can ensure the food quality and perfection.

Hair removal device

When food materials are being shaken to go through this device process in cleaner trough, food materials will be brushed and rolled into the water, and the brush roller is rotating with food materials to move forward, thus the food materials are reasonable to the hair adhering or sticking with the brush roller, achieve the effect of hair removing.

Floater removal device

The rotor of this device can press the food materials under the water, the floating objects on the water can effective to get into the rotor by the filtration pore of rotor, and the floating objects can be stopped from rotor net panel and flowing with water to be discharged by the side of water channel outfalls, it also can be filtered by the filtration net bags and the water tank filtration tray to achieve the effect of floaters removing.

Filtration transfer device

By utilizing the reducer to drive the sanitation grade of chain plate with filtration pores to an inclined top direction, the filtration pores on chain plate can let the water and the particulate residue to pass through; the food materials are drove by chain plate to transfer with an upward direction, the flowing water is discharged from the side drain tank and to get into the water tank after the floaters filtering finished. Due to the sediment has a large density, therefore when the sediment is on the division panel flowing with water to move forward into the chain plate transfer device and then sink into the bottom of water channel, to achieve the separation between the residue and the sediment. When the food materials are transferring on the conveyer belt, the top of chain plate that some sprayers will give the further process as rinsing for food materials, it can prevent the impurities to be attached again when food materials are come out from the end process, thus it can reach the effect of fresh food cleaning.

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