Automatic Cooling Line for Brine and Sauce Products

Product Use

For the automated cooking, brining and cooling of large batches of ingredients to achieve an unmanned sauce and brine cooling workshop with one key setting for cooking, brining and cooling. Fully enclosed, modular unmanned operating system, equipped with four auxiliary systems: lighting device, air purification device, automatic sterilization device and monitoring device to create an automated production workshop for fresh food.

Our Advantages

Unmanned and Automatic

The Fresh Food Seasoning Sauce Marinade Pot keeps the pressure in the pot up to a set value through an intelligent pressure measuring system, so that large batches of ingredients are steadily and adequately sauced and marinated. The fresh food cooler is based on vacuum cooling with enhanced high protection, making the fresh food equipment more effective in controlling bacteria. Intelligent production is stable and safe, and the transfer line data manipulation does not require the input of a large number of human participants, thus saving time and effort to create an automated production plant.

Safety and Hygiene

Sauce marinade pot with 316L liner and drop-hanger frame. High hygienic rating for transfer lines and IP69K protection for coolers. Complete machine designed with pharmaceutical standard processing and piping with seamless welding technology. With all-round hygiene, microorganisms will not exceed the standard. It conforms to EU hygiene standard IP69K. Installation of safety relief devices does not require a special equipment qualification and is simple and safe to use.

Stable Operation

The accessories for the sauce marinade pots, transfer lines and coolers are all first-tier international brands, which are able to resist moisture, water and corrosion, with guaranteed quality.

Environmentally Friendly

With IP69K protection level, the whole machine can be directly sterilized with water washing, the bottom four corners are curved for easy cleaning, overcurrent components of the transfer machine can be easily dismantled and washed, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. With hygiene standards exceeding the current EU standards, bacteria have no place to breed and no pollution to the production environment.

Low Consumption and High Productivity

The square design of the sauce marinade pot increases the volume. Both high efficiency of simultaneous heating of the heat exchanger and bottom, and intelligent thermostat system can reduce energy losses.


The number and size of the pots in the workshop can be designed according to the customer's needs. Tailor-made for your production for the greater good!

Application areas

Professional solutions for marinating large batches of pork, beef, duck, green soybean and bean products in sauce and marinade.

Research and Development Background

People regard food as their priority and food safety is foods’ priority. With the progress of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, food safety has become an issue of great importance. The people are not only seeking to eat well, but also to eat safely, healthily and securely. In the face of consumers' demanding requirements for fresh food and the massive market demand for fresh food, as well as the high labour costs and high production demands, more and more food production and processing companies are moving towards freshness, quality, intelligence, hygiene and safety, which is undoubtedly a great challenge and an opportunity for food companies.

That is why we have developed this future-proof Automatic Cooling Line for Brine and Sauce Products specifically to address the confusions and needs of food processing companies.

Fresh Food Seasoning Sauce Marinade Pot




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