Product Use

FAC automatic cooling line for the food industry can be connected with the original conveying device of the customer site, realizing the goal of high efficiency and unmanned automatic cooling processing. It can save users' workshop area, improve users' capacity, reduce the possibility and uncertainty of pollution caused by manual labor, improve the stability of product production, and can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted production.

Our advantages

No one automatic

High health grade, protection grade according to the concept of IP69K design, can cooperate with the automatic cleaning function, no matter cleaning or operation, do not need to invest a lot of manual participation, save time and effort.

Safety and health

The whole machine adopts the medical standard processing design, the pipeline adopts the seamless welding technology, no health dead Angle, avoid the microorganism exceeds the standard. The top is designed with 172° sanitary inclination Angle to prevent water drops from falling on the food, causing secondary pollution in the cooling process, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.

Running stability

Equipment protection exceeds the current EU standard, protection grade IP65-69K; The electrical accessories of the whole machine are adopted by the first-line brands tested by the market, with guaranteed quality, stable use, low failure rate and long life.

Environment friendly

IP69K protection grade, the whole machine can be directly sterilized by washing, chemical cleaning, steam sterilization, flow parts can be easily removed and washed, equipment maintenance costs can be reduced, no bacteria breeding, no pollution to the production environment, the health standard exceeds the current EU standard, creating the fresh food industry 4.0 pioneer.

Low consumption and high yield

Vacuum cooling system, no manual consumption, automatic operation of equipment, average output of 375kg per batch.


Tailor-made, for customer production to seek greater interests.


Hotel, fast food, aviation, railway, ship, distribution center, leisure food, central kitchen and other food industry fresh food preservation solutions.

R&D Background

As the saying goes, "Food is the most important thing for people, and safety is the first thing for people to eat." With the progress of society and the improvement of people's life quality, food safety has become a highly regarded issue. The people not only want to eat well, but also want to eat safely and healthily. Facing consumers demanding requirements for fresh food and a lot of fresh food market demand, and now food enterprises are faced with the high labor costs and high production requirements, more and more food production and processing enterprises are moving in fresh, quality, intelligence, the direction of health, safety, and this is definitely a great challenge for food companies, but also an opportunity.

Therefore, we have developed this future-oriented automatic unmanned cooling production line specifically for the confusion and needs of food processing enterprises.

Specification parameters

Project Unit FAC-2.25T
Processing capacity t/h 2.25~3
Cooling material Can be customized
Material container size L mm 600
W mm 410
H mm 160
Transport direction Pallet short side direction
Material weight per tray kg 15kg
Higher power kw 28.6
Protection level IP65~IP69K
Health grade Pharmaceutical grade
System features Automatic operation of customer conveyor belt
System structure Xljl-375sa Fresh food cooler piece 2
Xma-650 ×410-6 Fresh food automatic transfer machine piece 2
Xsyk-600 ×410-5 Fresh food conveying line piece 2
Xsjc-600 ×410-1 Fresh food weighing conveying line piece 1

Fresh food weighing conveyor line


Fresh food automatic cooling machine


Fresh food delivery line


Fresh food automatic transfer machine


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