The 5th geneeration pallet washer

Product Use

High temperature sterilization cleaning of pallet containers in various industries, through the unique "four-step rapid cleaning" to make the containers new, no detergent, no emission problems, no pollution to the environment. Optional high-efficiency air-drying and drying system can be used to remove more than 90% of the water from the washed containers according to different needs of customers.


Can be applied to catering Industry (convenience store fresh food factory, chain restaurant central kitchen, airline central kitchen, railroad central kitchen, group meal central kitchen, pre-prepared food central kitchen, frozen food industry, ingredients supply chain industry, soybean products industry), meat industry](slaughtering, delicatessen, casual foods), baking industry](baking factory, frozen dough factory, pastry factory, egg product factory, candy industry), net vegetable industry (net vegetable, fresh fruit cutting, fruit sorting, agricultural picking), aquatic industry (aquatic rough processing, aquatic finishing), logistics industry(cold chain distribution center) and other industry solutions for container sterilization cleaning.

Application Cases

Chocolate mold cleaning experiment

R&D Background

“Food is the life of the people, food to safety first”.With the progress of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, food safety is already a highly important issue, the people not only pursue to eat well, but also to eat safe and healthy security.

In recent years, with the rapid development of food industrialization, in food factories, the cleaning of turnover containers has become the focus of attention, due to the increasingly high cost of labor, many enterprises from manual cleaning have turned to mechanical cleaning, but mechanical cleaning also has many drawbacks, such as cleaning is not thorough, bringing food safety hazards; air-drying is not thorough, the temporary storage of dry containers to bring pressure; cleaning process to add a lot of cleaning agents and Disinfectant, resulting in emission problems; and cleaning equipment itself can not clean, breeding a large number of bacteria, into a secondary source of pollution ......

Therefore, we have developed this container washer to meet the confusion and demand of container cleaning in the food industry.

Development History

Early: With the development of food industrialization, the use of plastic crates increased, leading to an increase in cleaning labor, coupled with the gradual increase in labor costs, by manual cleaning baskets of enterprises began to have turned to mechanical cleaning, generating a box washing machine.

The initial period: after cleaning contains a lot of water, the temporary storage of sun-drying baskets bring pressure, on the basis of this appeared air-drying / drying / dumping type crates washer.

Mid-term:As the wash is not clean need to add a lot of cleaning agents, the use of cleaning agents has caused water pollution and sewage disposal problems.Developed a container washer with autoclaving without cleaning agent.

Today: Since the equipment itself cannot be cleaned, a large number of bacteria breed and the equipment becomes a source of pollution, the whole machine can be disassembled and cleaned, and a cleaning machine equipped with a sanitary pump has been developed.

The future: more efficient, more hygienic, towards IP69K high protection level.

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