The 5th geneeration pallet washer

Why Automation

Fresh food industry is an important part of the national economy, providing the material basis for human survival, reproduction and social development, fresh food equipment is an important guarantee of food industrialization, the application of fresh food equipment can not only reduce people's labor intensity, so that people get rid of physical labor to enrich cultural life, so that productivity is greatly liberated, and save time, improve efficiency, but also to achieve some manual operations can not achieve the processing Effect, not only to protect product quality, reduce production costs, but also reduce the waste of raw materials.

In terms of food safety, the HUANSU fresh food equipment reduces the chance of direct contact between people and food and the spread of germs, which can effectively avoid fresh food contamination. The ring speed fresh food equipment plays a pivotal role in the production of fresh food industry, and its development level marks the degree of national industrial modernization.

Smart Production

Equipment programmed module design, computer display, human-machine interface, clear data reading, with simple buttons, easy and fast operation, while ensuring the personal safety of the operator.

Low electric control cabinet design more in line with human mechanics, easy and fast operation.

The equipment is designed from the perspective of future automation, with automatic inlet and outlet container connection ports reserved at the front and rear of the equipment, laying the foundation for future unmanned operation, creating a pioneer of fresh food industry 4.0.

Running stability

The whole machine electrical parts are used the customer trust, stable operation of first-line brands, quality assurance, stable use, low failure rate, long life.

PLC and touch screen in the electric control cabinet are Japanese Mitsubishi brand, and electrical components are Schneider brand with the use of.

The electric control cabinet can be flushed with water, and the protection level reaches IP69K standard.

The equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, food-grade nylon and silicone as raw materials, and refined by Japan's dismantling and washing standard, seamless welding standard, EU food equipment manufacturing standard and triple standard design.

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