Automatic Sterilization and Cleaning Line for Containers

Product Use

The FAC fresh food automatic cooling line can be interfaced with the customer's existing conveyors on site, achieving the goal of an efficient and unmanned automatic cooling process. It saves space in the customer's production hall, increases production capacity, reduces the possibility of contamination and uncertainty caused by manual labour, increases the stability of the product and allows for 24-hour production.

Our Advantages


With high hygiene level, protection class according to IP69K concept, it can be combined with automatic cleaning function, whether cleaning or operation, do not need to invest a lot of manual involvement, which saves time and effort.

Safety and Hygiene

Complete machine designed with pharmaceutical standard processing and piping with seamless welding technology. With all-round hygiene, microorganisms will not exceed the standard. The top is designed with a 172° hygienic tilting angle to prevent water droplets from dripping onto the food and causing secondary contamination during cooling, and is easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Stable Operation

The protection level of the equipment exceeds the current EU standard, IP65-69K; Electrical accessories for complete machines are all first-tier international brands, with guaranteed quality, stable use, low failure rate and long life.

Environmentally Friendly

With IP69K protection level, the whole machine can be directly sterilized with water washing, chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, easy disassembly and cleaning of overflow components, which can reduce equipment maintenance costs. With hygiene standards exceeding the current EU standards, bacteria have no place to breed and no pollution to the production environment, which creating a pioneer in the fresh food industry of Generation VI.

Low Consumption and High Productivity

Vacuum cooling system with no manual consumption. The machine runs automatically and has an average output of 375kg per batch.


Tailor-made for the customer, to produce for your greater benefit.

Application Areas

Fresh ingredient preservation solutions for the food industry such as "hotels", "fast food", "airlines", "railways", "ships", "fast food", "distribution centres", " snack food" and "central kitchens".

Research and Development Background

progress of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, food safety has become an issue of great importance. The people are not only seeking to eat well, but also to eat safely, healthily and securely. In the face of consumers' demanding requirements for fresh food and the massive market demand for fresh food, as well as the high labour costs and high production demands, more and more food production and processing companies are moving towards freshness, quality, intelligence, hygiene and safety, which is undoubtedly a great challenge and an opportunity for food companies.

That is why we have developed this future-proof Automatic Cooling Line for Fresh Food specifically to address the confusions and needs of food processing companies.


项目 单位 FAC-2.25T
处理量 t/h 2.25~3
冷却物料 可订制
物料容器尺寸 L mm 600
W mm 410
H mm 160
输送方向 托盘短边方向
每盘物料重量 kg 15kg
较大功率 kw 28.6
防护等级 IP65~IP69K
卫生等级 制药级
系统特性 对接客户输送带全自动运行
系统构成 XLJL-375SA鲜食冷却机 2
XMA-650×410-6鲜食自动移送机 2
XSYK-600×410-5鲜食输送线 2
XSJC-600×410-1鲜食称重输送线 1

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