We are a professional producer of fresh food equipment, focusing on product design and development for the fresh food industry. We are able to provide high quality solutions at a reasonable cost thanks to intelligent mass production. In addition to equipment production and fabrication, we also provide application knowledge, installation support, and after-sales service.

Our services are provided by 9 service companies, professional engineers tour to provide maintenance services, while fast and convenient parts service, regardless of the company's strength and reputation. Or the quality of the company's equipment, it is your trusted partner in this industry. We also offer comprehensive testing facilities, including a state-of-the-art fresh food conditioning experience center, where we can invite you to test your recipes with our conditioning masters (professors).

Service method

Through the telephone form, the sales personnel locate the equipment fault within the specified time, and come up with a solution, and finally eliminate the fault.

Failures that cannot be diagnosed by phone will be arranged for sales engineers to go to the site to analyze the cause, develop a plan and troubleshoot.

Service phone number: 13306391333

Service Commitment

For the equipment provided by our company within the specified warranty period, if there are quality problems, our company will send special sales engineers to respond within 1 hour, arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and solve the problem within 48 hours.

Service Solutions

1. Warranty program.

2 years warranty, warranty solution, no cost to provide technical service and maintenance; After the warranty period, the equipment failure, only the cost of replacement parts, no labor and other costs.

Note: Damage caused by human factors or force majeure is not covered by the free warranty.

2. Technical training.

After the installation and commissioning of the equipment, our sales engineers are obliged to conduct on-site technical training to ensure that customers can independently complete the operation, clear attention to the operation of the equipment, familiar with the methods of equipment maintenance. That is, to achieve the "four will": will operate and use, will check, will maintain, will troubleshoot general.

3. Periodic spot check.

Free of charge 1-2 times a year for regular spot check service; Free commissioning of the equipment, according to the predetermined plan and the actual needs of the user, the development of the installation plan; Commissioning is completed, free of charge to provide the operation of the equipment, maintenance and other documentation.

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  • Address:No. 90, Fuzhou North Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong Province
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  • Mobile:13589229991 Wang Manager
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