4.5 generation dishes vacuum cooling machine

Fast and high quality

The vacuum cooling machine uses the bacterically-controlled cooling method, which only takes 3-10 minutes (depending on the food ingredients) to cool the food from high temperature to normal temperature (68-77℉), and 8-18 minutes (depending on the food ingredients) to cool the food below 50℉. Compared with the traditional cooling time, the food vacuum cooling machine can shorten the cooling time significantly, and only needs 1/40 of the traditional cooling time. The high-efficiency cooling method makes the output increase exponentially. Fast cooling speed, can effectively avoid food oxidation, gelatinization and other reactions in a long time under high temperature, prevent the breeding of bacteria.

After careful calculation, take ZKL-300CX model as an example, cooling sweet and sour ribs to 44.6℉, the comprehensive energy consumption is 36 yuan per ton, 0.0365 yuan per kilogram. Cooling the sweet and sour juice to 86℉, the comprehensive energy consumption of 25 yuan per ton, 0.0247 yuan per kilogram.

Intelligent fresh food adjustment system, after cooling to ensure that the product surface and the center temperature is nearly the same (± 35.6℉), the cooling process quickly through the high temperature oxidation period, so that the color is bright. Ensure that the microstructure of the product is not destroyed, so that the taste and appearance is better. Quickly pass the bacterial reproduction period and extend the shelf life.

Various benefits of effective cooling time reduction for food materials

1、Avoiding various product deterioration problems caused by biochemical reactions in high temperature.

2、Avoid the temperature zone of 68℉~122℉ where the bacteria reproduce rapidly, laying the physiological environment conditions for the long-term preservation of the products and extending the shelf life of the products.

3. No bacteria reproduction, so there is no need to add preservatives, thus making the product a "green food" in the true sense.

4, the physical properties of the product will not change in the short cooling process, to ensure that consumers consume the product when the letter fresh taste.

Intelligent anti-splash system

By tracking the relationship between material temperature and boiling point and controlling the cooling speed, the rate of boiling point drop of material and the cooling speed of material are controlled by servo system to realize the anti-splash vacuum control program which is effective for every kind of material, high precision, high speed and low energy consumption, which is the proprietary technology of dish series cooler.

Reliable health

1.Sanitary process design

The top is designed with a 172° hygienic tilting angle to prevent water drops from dripping on the food and causing secondary contamination during the cooling process, making it easy to clean.

Hot and cold partition through door design, hot zone in, cold zone out. Before cooling, the high temperature food (aseptic) enters the cooler from the hot zone, and the product is in an airtight and aseptic state throughout the cooling process. After cooling, the product is taken out from the equipment to the clean room for the next section of the processing process. At the same time to avoid air convection cross-contamination in the cold / hot zone, in line with the food law safety standards.

2. Automatic sterilization system for pipeline

Steam dual-purpose, steam can be used as an energy source for vacuum, but also for high-temperature sterilization of equipment that cannot be disassembled for cleaning pipelines before working. It kills the bacteria and microorganisms on the inner wall of the pipeline to prevent the food from being contaminated and ensure our food safety.

Energy saving and consumption reduction

The vacuum cooling machine saves space, labor, water, electricity and steam, improves production efficiency and recoups costs in 1-2 years. Intelligent compound chiller according to different seasons, the operation mode is intelligently switched to save energy...

HUANSU food cooling machine versus other cooling

The vacuum cooling machine saves 47% energy than the second generation cooler, 19% energy than the third generation cooler in Japan, and 94% energy conservation than the traditional air cooling (winter operation mode). The energy consumption is low, with power consumption of 3.4kW/h, water consumption of 0.1-0.3 ㎡/h, compressed air consumption of 0.02m?/h, steam consumption of 0-20kg/batch. Compared with traditional air cooling, the cooling of the same amount of products can save about 89% energy. At the same time, it can save space, shorten production cycle, reduce pollution risk, guarantee taste and keep workshop hygiene.

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